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warming up quickly, 75 frederick and baltimore 79 ocean city and harrison burg 68, a little better, all right should be plenty of sunshine to start your morning off to the north and west focus on showers, green and yellow, shower and thunder storm activity up state new york, some of that shower activity will try to get in here later today, overnight into tomorrow cloud cover will spill in, partly sunny day, winds out of the south, expecting more heat more humidity highs later this afternoon back into the 90s partly sunny skies, hazy, hot, humid, risk of a thunderstorm tonight more details on the forecast, definitely a heat wave on the way. that forecast for you coming up sarah and tony. >> thank you tucker. our top story a power boat goes up in flames. >> the fire then spreads to several other boats this all went down at washington yacht club 1500 block m street
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southeast. fox 5s sherry lee live on the scene with details sherry. >> tony and sarah, the fire is out but the damage is already done, four boats burned and there is nothing left to salvage. >> the fire started about 2:45 a.m. this morning someone at the yacht club living aboard one of the boats, that spotted the fire, and called 911. >> the four burned boats at the bottom to have anacostiaryer sunk by an early morning fire. parts of the wreckage are visible above water, steve ricks was the last to burn. >> like losing someone in your family. it is a part of everyone in the family all the way down to my grandchildren. >> firefighters attacked the
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flames by land and from two fire boats they untied several boats from the dock and set them free to keep them from catching fire too. boat owners were helpless to stop it. >> i am still in shock, i just renovated the boat and now everything is gone. >> the fire started on one boat and quickly spread to others nearby investigators are still trying to determine the cause, whether it was an accident or arson. >> but i have not heard of anything as any malicious activity nothing is ruled out. >> people could see the flames from nearby highwaybridges, it was so bright the fire woke people living aboard boats in the marina, no one was hurt. >> i am and all of us are very fortunate and very thankful none of the boats exploded the ones that did have gas on them. >> the burned power boats, two more than 40 feet, two others
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larger than 34 feet together they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is devastating to see. >> well, you tell me if it is completely down in the water you tell me how bad it is, there is nothing left. >> reporter: one boat owner said if there had not been people living aboard their boats here, to call 911, the entire marina could have burned. the latest here in southeast, sarah and tony back to you. >> extraordinary fire thank you sherry. >> fire damaged a row house in southeast and sent three people to the hospital it happened just after 7:00 a.m. this morning 1300 block massachusetts avenue two adults and a child were being treated for possible smoke inhalation no word on a cause for that fire. >> hours after a tour bus left washington dc it crashed in western new york killing two people, and injuring 35 others. the bus was on its way to niagara falls when it veered off the road into a wooded area sunday afternoon police say it
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appears a blown out tire is to blame. attention to the tour bus industry and bus safety has been heightened since the march crash of a bus returning to new york city's china town 15 people were killed in that accident. an alert now for people who use a popular bike path since early may dc police have seen a spike in crime along the metropolitan branch trail the most recent attack happened friday when a man was reportedly robbed at gun point near r street guardian angels started safety patrols from 6 to 9 wednesday and thursday evenings some volunteers joined in as well angels are asking for more help. new this morning the infamous white house party crashers due in louden family court they are accused of conning people out of money, using their virginia wine country tour website one couple filed a $1,200 lawsuit claiming they used false advertising and
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failed to deliver on promises. the website has gotten several similar complaints. >> two political workers for former maryland governor due in court today, they will be arraigned on charges that they conspired to use robo calls on election day to discourage voters from going to the polls a grand jury indited the two in june. sarah. >> another big story we are following this morning the scandal that shut down news of the world continues to unravel a media empire leaving many to wonder if its leader can remain many control. wisdom martin joins us with details wisdom. >> well, sarah, this weekend the head of the dow jones, resigned due to the scandal formerly head of the newspaper group caught up in this scandal now a key player has been arrested. rebecca brooks resigns her
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post as head of news corps publishing empire in the uk and arrested in connection with the phone tapping scandal she was taken into custody sunday and released she once edited now defunct news of the world. >> murdoch lost his most loyal lieutenant. all have been released without charges head of scotland yard stepped down sunday taking responsibility for his close ties to the newspaper. >> i have taken this decision with the consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations of news international at the senior level. >> reporters are accused of illegally tapping into phone records of celebrities, lawmakers, murder victims. it is also knocked billions off the value of news corps empire. >> the entire british public is engaged what i think they are
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concerned about -- what they ought to be concerned about is whether or not the american public gets engaged if that happened, you should start writing their obituaries. rupert murdoch and his son james are due to the questioned about the hacking by british parliament later this week and news corp. his parent company, news of the world of fox 5. wisdom thank you. >> now the latest on the debt debate a short term deal may be in the works to help diffuse the nations debt limit crisis. >> congress will have to work very fast. doug luzader explains from capitol hill. >> reporter: this deal is not exactly what either side wants but could prevent what the white house says will be a financial melt down. forget golf president obama took the family on a rare trip to church sunday. his administration may have growing faith in a deal brewing in congress, put forward by
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republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell it would allow them to hike the debt limit and avoid default even if it is not the long term deal the white house wants. >> we should do as much as we can now the markets will understand moving as far as we can what will be hard to explain is doing nothing. >> nut something what they have done so far despite one round of white house talks after another the president wants new tax hikes as part of a larger deal, a nonstarter for republicans even though he backs big spending cuts in theory, republicans say specifics are not there. >> that is the problem republicans are not willing to make a deal based upon some vague commitment some time in the future the president might be willing to look at something that he won't identify. >> a compromise will be tough to swallow for many republicans who are not happy about giving the president new authority to pile on more debt without big spending cuts in return. meantime the house is expected to vote tomorrow on a
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balanced budget amendment something they talked about here for years, even if it passes the senate will surely shoot it down in washington, doug luzader fox news. all right well, some big names coming to the white house president obama will meet with warren buffet and bill and melinda gates to get an update on the giving pledge a promise by some of the wealthiest people in america to give most of that's right wealth to philanthropy others are george lucas and facebook founder mark zucker burg. as we told you a heat wave is gripping parts of the country, heat advisories and warnings are in place in 17 states, texas to michigan as they make outside uncomfortable and dangerous for millions workers dumped two tonnes of ice into the pool in omaha nebraska to keep people cool water temperatures reached 90 degrees the parks owner hoped
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the ice would bring the water temperature down by 10 degrees. >> wow. >> trash collection in the district will begin an hour earlier because of the hot temperatures in the forecast. city's department of public works says crews will begin work at 6:00 a.m. that started today. residents are advised to put trash and recyclables out at 6:00 p.m. the night before to make sure they are collected. >> you know it is hot when trash is effected. >> yes. >> all right caring for an adult family member or friend with chronic conditions is expensive and exhausting, and a new report out today by aarp shows astonishing numbers up next tips on how to ease issues. >> thousands sent running for cover during a music festival what happened that left a tangled mess of the stage. we will be back in a moment 9:10 a.m.  [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy!
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welcome back 9:13 a.m. according to the aarp one in four adults in the u.s. is currently caring for an adult family member or friend who suffers with chronic conditions the agency just released a new report that said the economic value of this unpaid care reached estimated $450 billion. joining us now to explain is amy goyer family expert thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> before we get to numbers which are staggers we talk about unpaid care and family caregivers let us know what we are talking ability. >> family -- about here. >> family caregivers the new normal, a highly complex health care giving that these people are doing. everything from tube feeding, to simple things like helping an older adult get in and out of bed managing medications my mom just got out of 40 days in hospital i had a list of 18 medications she was on that is
9:15 am
for me to manage not her. >> again, these are family members, daughter, cousin, nephew what have you not someone who has medical expertise. >> exactly right. so we need more training and preparation and often times we don't have that kind of training and preparation we are thrown into those things now if we were not providing that kind of care we would see people back in a hospital in a nursing facility. >> is part of it because things have shifted with the cost of health care and insurance companies keeping the cost down hospital stays have decreased considerably in most instances. a 40 day stay is unusual now frequently people are in for a couple days and out and then a lot of it falls on the family member. >> right for her that was several short stays back to back and that is the thing quicker and sicker hospitals are releasing people and you know there are positive reasons for that people can get sick in the hospital the longer they
9:16 am
are there, infections and things but, when family members are home, often they do recover better because they are happy to be home but we need to provide the care for them they need or they will end up back in the hospital. >> this $450 billion figure is a lot of money can you put that in perspective for us? >> if you look at the annual sales for top companies wal- mart is about the amount of money wal-mart makes every year or if you look at the top three car companies combined, toyota, ford, daimler all together their sales are about that much money it is a huge huge contribution. >> and it has gone up considerably this is based on 2009 events and it went up considerably from just what it was two years before. >> right 2007, $375 billion. >> right. >> so we see an increase in hours number of people being cared for but we see an increase in costover this kind
9:17 am
of care if we -- cost of this kind of care if we were to pay for that care that is the amount it would come to based on $11 an hour and that is a conservative estimate. >> mm-hmm. let's talk a little bit about what people can do, first of all, it seems to me with the number of baby boomers getting older this is likely to get worse before better. >> we have a lot of baby boomers they had fewer children than the generation before them, in the future will we have enough caregivers a shortage of workers will the family caregivers be able to handle things we really need the look at that into the future and be prepared for it. >> what does aarp suggest that some of the approaches are that we do to help make this a better situation in terms of support for the caregivers. >> well, we need to really have this preparation and training and not just throw people to the wolves when it comes to care giving for family members and we need to have models of care that are consumer driven
9:18 am
but involve the family caregiver as a key partner this health care with doctors and partners and any other caregivers give more respite care as a care giver if i don't have a break now and then i can't keep going respite is really important there are programs like the national family caregiver program that need a lot more support. >> there is more information about all this at your website. giving. >> very good we will link it to our website to get you over there, it is a growing problem, a big problem and hopefully we can get some relief. >> all right. >> amy thanks. sarah back to you. >> all right tony thank you. >> here is an interesting story kids may actually be safer when driving with grandma and grandpa a new study found injury risk for children is 50% lower when riding with grand parents compared to parents they are more nervous about
9:19 am
driving with grandchildren and therefore use more cautious driving habits previous evidence has shown car crashes are more common in older drivers. thousands of fans were sent running for cover during yesterday's blues fest in canada take a look it happened after the main stage collapsed, it gave way during a performance by cheap trick officials say the band members were knocked on their feet but all said to be okay. however, at least five concert goers were injured one is in serious condition. space shuttle atlantis starting to process of coming home, coming up next more on the mission there, wrapping up and when they will head back to earth. >> plus, holly has her boots on hanging out on the farm this morning holly. >> reporter: i am hanging out on the farm sarah, and in the process i am learning about another summer camp option still available for your child this just isn't your normal horse camp this is a horse camp with a special mission, you having a good time? i think so look at that.
9:20 am
i think the horse is having a good time too all about hidden haven farm equine sanctuary live later. >> enjoying that. all right. first here is a look at today's trivia question what was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted kidney, liver, heart or lungs. the answer coming up in just a little bit. take a guess on facebook. don't go any where we will be right back (announcer) you'd never wash your dishes in a dirty sink,
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but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. >> my goodness that is a fancy graphic we waited until the very last one. crew of space shuttle atlantis is packing up for their ride back home astronauts are closing the hatch to the shuttle it is leaving the
9:24 am
international space station tomorrow morning and expected to land at kennedy space center thursday morning atlantis brought tonnes of supplies to the orbiting station and will take thousands of pounds of old equipment and trash back to earth this of course is the final mission for nasa's space shuttle program. >> now casey an though think is free from -- anthony is free from jail the big question is where is she only a select few know her allies are exploring a number of options for her future. anthony baez spoke with her ran doe rivera yesterday. we need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions jury's make, pun dents and media personalities have no right trying to alter the life of any individual because what they thing mare may not have
9:25 am
happened. >> it has been think may or may not have happened. it has been almost two weeks since she was acquitted. she will have opportunities but it will not be easy for the 25- year-old we want to know what you think she casey anthony be able to profit from her story here are your comments, jamal writes saying i feel it is her story to tell we don't know what really happened so why not. stephanie judge says casey anthony was found not guilty of murder by a jury of peers we the people need to leave her the heck alone now and she should be able to enjoy all the freedoms to which she is entitled. >> barbara writes no, i don't believe anyone guilty or innocent should be able to profit from any court case. ted wrote in saying yes, people just shouldn't support
9:26 am
it and she won't profit. i know we had a lot of responses to -- i think our producer told us over 70 comments we have had on facebook. >> and many of them you know, we kind of picked a representative sample many saying she was found not guilty >> right. >> kind of like the defense attorney said, it was the justice system at work we should respect it. >> right. >> all right. >> coming up. >> he is considered one of the best athletes in the world, bmx bike competitions and on his way to the dew tour ocean city but stopping by the fox 5 studio first he will join us live and show us a few tricks up next. >> call him a pint sized protector the story behind -- well, you can't see the little guy but he is around there somewhere, this robbery he thwarted look at that little ankle biter we will be back in
9:27 am
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here is a story that proves it is all about attitude check out paco the chihuahua here. [ laughter ] >> he wasted no time going after two robbers who came in to rob his owners general store in california. >> at one point one of the robbers pointed the gun at the dog he continued to nip at their ankles before chasing them across the street. >> that is funny he was able to chase them out of the store a little chihuahua. >> yeah. >> what is the second guy doing. >> he is like i am not going in there. >> did we really need him in the robbery? >> hey here is -- we salute the dog. >> and paco didn't know that
9:31 am
was a gun paco doesn't realize that is a gun. >> didn't know what could happen. >> but i am glad they didn't shoot him. >> yeah. >> you know what, there will be some disney movie made out of that little 30 second clip they will make a movie around it, paco the fearless pooch. >> we should develop that. >> i am going to copyright it right now. >> get going on that. >> hazy, hot humid is back nice weekend. >> yeah. >> temperatures back in the 80s afternoon highs, yesterday, hope you enjoyed it we won't see 80s any time soon. >> really? >> as we are passing through them. >> yeah. 79 is the winning number across most of the area here let's see 79 dc, 79 gaithersburg, annapolis, cull
9:32 am
pepper,fredericks berg, winchester. >> back in the 90s later this afternoon more heat and humidity building, as we are watching this very unprecedented heat wave starting to take shape out to our west current temperature washington, look what is going on out here across the central plains dealing with another day of triple digit heat and heat index approaching 110. minneapolis, 100 degrees chicago mid-90s. heat warnings, advisories, and heat will stick around much of the day, much of the week before it starts to push east and that will heat things up around here as we get into the middle and end of the week. satellite radar, not a lot happening here but off to the north and west a cold front thunderstorm activity pressing in a little later tonight maybe scattered thunderstorm here tonight but most of today will feature, partly sunny skies and a lot of humidity, off the coast of faraday, our newest
9:33 am
prop call -- coast of florida, our newest tropical storm this is brett it will push off here to the north and east over the next couple days too bad it won't get into the washington area if it did we would be looking at cool conditions with clouds 94 today, code orange air quality partly sunny hot and humid best chance for thunderstorms overnight tonight partly cloudy scattered shower or thunderstorm back in the forecast. 76 the overnight low your 5 day forecast, heat around all week 94 tomorrow and here we go 100 thursday, 101 friday, i think we will be 100 saturday, upper 90s sunday heat will be here and we will be in no hurry to get out once it arrives that is a look at your weather forecast sarah over to you. >> thank you you know what your average 16-year-old may ride a bike around the neighbourhood our next guest is not your average teen fans call him mad
9:34 am
dog and brett is one of the best athletes in the world, bmx bike competition on his way to the dew tour ocean city but stopping by fox studios first. check him out don't hit me brett. you are only 16 that's right? >> yeah. >> 16 and this big bmx competitor star you are in town there is a competition going on in ocean city. >> yes. >> coming up. >> there is a contest thursday, friday, saturday and you can watch all the action. >> and there will be a lot of action now what you do with your bike i know you are trying to be careful don't want to damage this bike for your competition but what things do you do? >> well, the dew tour you see slips, spins, hands flying off, and just little stuff like that. big stuff. >> that is pretty big. >> yeah. >> some people i think would
9:35 am
break their necks but you have been training this how long have you been interested in this? >> i got my first bike when i was 6 and i am 16 now i have been on a bike for 10 years. >> wow i think it says you took first place in two events during last year's tour? >> i took the first one in chicago, that was an open and the next one in portland and third at the next and 5th at the last stop. >> how did you get interested in this? did it just start out you saw something on tv? or just realized you had funnen the bike. >> it was -- fun on the bike. >> it was a family story i wanted to hang out with my brother and his friends when i was younger the only way i could do that was to own a bike with them and ride around with him i wanted to fit in the only way i could was on a bike >> does training feel like training or having fun? >> i just built my own skate park called the kitten bmx --
9:36 am
kitchen bmx skate park i am always staying active. >> in the gym so you are like lifting weights you are working out doing that work. >> cardio and stuff. >> just like endurance and stamina. >> mm-hmm well, it is coming up this tour is in ocean city july 21st, through the 24th you will be there and any tips for anybody out there who may be your age or younger that wants to get into something like this? >> don't ever give up and ask questions like that is the main thing to do ask questions of some body more advanced like i am always on twitter, twitter do it mad dogi 9 people ask me questions i am always talking and hopefully giving good advice. >> thank you so much mad dog that is such a vicious name for a nice young man like yourself hopefully people will check you out this weekend. >> there is a live concert and surf event so that should
9:37 am
really be cool. >> and some free events. >> yep. i will be there every day. >> brett thank you so much good luck to you. >> we wish him the best very cool. >> all right thank you there he goes. >> all right. in other sports news u.s. women's team chased their world cup dream that dream was not realized a look at the game coming up next. first ... another look at today's trivia question what was the first human organ to be successfully transplanted kidney, liver heart or lungs? the answer in just a little bit don't go any where we are back after the break. 9:37 a.m. all the traffic on your carpet really adds up,
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welcome back u.s. team entered the world cup final undefeated in 25 matches versus japan americans lead two times during yesterday's match including another header by abbey wombach. >> japan tied it at two in the 117th minute and sent it to penalty kicks. always exciting penalty kicks japan made 3 out of 4 u.s. missed on 3 of 4 japan upset the u.s. to win its first world cup. >> evidently it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard, we believed in each other through the -- everything and olympics are around the corner we are excited about that hopefully we can qualify and get to london, obviously going to hurt for awhile but i am proud of our team we never gave up and congratulations to japan team i think their country is very very proud of them. >> i thought the u.s. team was going to win. >> u.s. women's team had high
9:42 am
level supporters president obama and the first family watched the match up and they are not the only high profile fans, players, family members cheering from frankfurt germany were joined by dr. jill biden. >> fun there are them. >> i think a lot of people were watching and following this match >> i remember how contentious it was at the end well, maybe next time. >> coming up believe it or not if you have not found a summer camp for your kids there is still a way to get them out of your hair and out of your house holly is up next. oh, you know -- holly up next with a camp that brings kids and horses together. >> serious topic for pet owners, pet obesity, coming up next tips for keeping fido fit back in a moment don't go any where, 9:42 a.m. while both lysol and febreze make air smell fresher
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only lysol neutra air sanitizing spray sanitizes the air and kills 99.9% of bacteria at the source. two reasons why with lysol a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home.
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welcome back 9:45 a.m., learning life's lessons through horses. holly morris at hidden haven farm in buoy maryland where they connect kids with horses holly. >> okay remember earlier when i showed you taz and thought that was the cutest horse ever he is with jean luca on top but take a look at all three this is a picture post card of what summer camp should be, and this is more than just what you guys were saying a pure horse camp there is a wonderful mission going on here, tara is back with me the president and program director and you guys have a lot of opportunities. >> yes. >> but we could stand here and talk or talk and walk and that would be way more fun. >> you can take mr. taz. >> which way are we headed? >> say walk. >> there we go.
9:47 am
>> we make a good team. let's talk about summer camp opportunities you have one session left. >> we have one session left full day camp, come in the morning help feed the horses like we did this morning with you guys do morning riding lesson during the week they try trail obstacles, bare back do fun horse arts an you have to h horse knowledge? >> no, we love beginners we love people who know absolutely nothing and teach them everything they need to know. >> do you thing kids start to understand the importance of what you do here as well? >> absolutely they really start to want to do more of the taking care of the horse even those who ride want to volunteer and groom their favorite horse. >> in terms of volunteers you have that opportunity as well. >> for adults and kids as well and we have some family when is volunteer together they make it a family ac tvty they do. >> then you -- activity they
9:48 am
do. >> then you do tours. >> yes. we bring you out introduce you to the horses show you some of the things you do here and opportunities. >> do you thing i could walk taz back to our studios i don't know if i could ever part with this horse. >> he would totally get in the car with you but you have to stop at mcdonald's for him. >> okay. you and i going through the drive through. >> i will hand him over and let the other kids walk around as well while they do that i will bring out three other kids that know all about hidden haven farm because these are my experienced campers. >> right over here look at them all comfy up against the fence tell me your name >> i am robert. >> and thomas. >> and anisha. >> so you guys did camp? >> yes. >> what did you like about it? >> everything it was fun and you get to play in the kiddie
9:49 am
pool at the house. >> no better way to end the day than at the pool. >> right. >> i like the what's it called, um, the pony pageant. >> tell me about that. >> i love the pony pageant that was fun. >> tell me something about the pony pageant. >> okay so we split up into groups two people and each decorated our own horse. >> nice. >> what about you sweeti ex- what did you like? >> i like to ride the horses trotting was a lot of fun a bumpy ride but that was the most fun about the whole camp. >> what have you learned about these horses here? >> horses, they are very important in life, they some have sensitive skin, because of where they came from, that is about it. >> that is a lot that is a lot and i understand you fell in love with this place so much you made a commercial?
9:50 am
>> yep. >> tell me about that. >> well, it took a couple monthses to put together well, for some reason i couldn't put the videos on there i couldn't put it on the editing software i had to use pictures instead. >> editing problems i feel your pain what was the message of your commercial? >> that the barn is lots of fun and very affordable. and ponies are really nice. >> doesn't get any better than that. >> and i worked on it all by myself. >> high five me. you are one of the coolest kids i have met in a long timely take you all home. we have a link to hidden haven farm come out here learn more about the wonderful opportunitywork. >> cute. looks like a pony parade. >> a big spokesperson. >> all right we will keep with the animal theme according to association for pet obesity
9:51 am
prevention about half of all dogs in the u.s. are over weight or obese and 60% of indoor cats are the same. >> mine just make it in they are not quite obese i think. >> it can be tricky getting your pet to a healthy weight a nutrition expert who can offer simple tips how to slim them up. >> it can be tricky helping your dog get down the a healthy weight or cat for that matter and that is why we are thrilled kyle butler miers, nutrition expert at petco is here with us and amara, the dog trainer at petco thank you for joining us. now i know first hand my yorkie is supposed to be 8 pounds but is currently 10 pounds now we did get him down a pound and a half but it is tricky and takes care and routine building if you want to jump in here kyle and tell us about somethings we can do. >> most definitely the first, you have a lot of different
9:52 am
options for food that you can provide to your dog and what you want to look at is what type of breed your dog is, and take a look at the daily feeding guideline what the ideal weight is all the bags should tell you how much you should feed per day. how many cups, portion control making sure you are not giving them too much to eat and also i recommend splitting up their meals, at least two to three times a day that way you are allowing them to eat for a little bit go out, play, do whatever they need to do and come back and finish off their meal later, just like you eat a couple meals a day your dog should >> i have never heard of that i downsized to just once a day feeding because i used to give him twice a day but we are down to one and eliminated the meat just dry food is that okay? >> yeah, dry food is always great wet food is always good to add moisture but dry helps with teeth a lot you recommend a dry can i bel.
9:53 am
>> now amara, takele food i give my pet -- takele food i give my pet table food. >> it is not ideal because it is not balanced you don't want to encourage the dog to jump at the table that becomes a problem. >> now how can you fix that problem. >> one thing give the dog a very special treat at dinner time part of the reason the dog is so interested in dinner is because it is a family activity it is not just the food so if you have a high value treat and keep it near and keep the dog close and give that treat only at dinner time, then that can distract the dog, sticks dogs chew them but it keeps them occupied a long time and it is a high value treat. >> good advice now you also have your own dog about how to tell, whether they are an ideal weight. >> come here. >> okay if you want to come right over here and show us how you can tell if your dog is an
9:54 am
ideal weight. >> first of all with any dog you want to be able to feel the ribs on the side you shouldn't be able to feel them if you can see them they are under weight also a pouch here that curves up here amira has this here and then overhead view you should be able to see hips so the waist here curving out toward the hip as opposed to a straight outline she is ideal weight depending how i feed her during the week she can add on a pound or two. >> she is active running around here in the studio along with eating right is exercise tell us about the things here. >> well, we have brought some of our summer toys she can use first thing, life vest on the water with your dog on the boat get them that in case they hop into the water you never know where the current could take them, if they are not fully
9:55 am
versed in how to swim they will be safe so those are good. >> we have some of our chuck it toys here, so while you are out at the beach, playing in the weather you will be anal to have a toy -- be able to have a toy that doesn't get damaged getting wet and then nothing like the chuck it to be able to play fetch with your dog, let them run out that is important a lot of people walk their dogs every day but giving your dog time to. >> make it fun. >> all right. >> thank you so much kyle and amira i am so sorry, head over to our website for more information thank you back to you. thank you very much annie. the answer to today's trivia question coming up next don't go any where
9:56 am
so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual?
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welcome back. what was the first human organ successfully transplanted. i will say the heart. >> even though the answer is right there. >> the answer is the kidney. >> first successful transplant was done in 1954. >> wow okay, that is early. >> that is early. >> i had no idea. >> all right. >> now. >> okay. >> our facebook fan of the day, time she gave us a shout out from west virginia, we want to say hi if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day go to fox 5 morning news, post a comment under tonya's photo. >> it was

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